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Expert picture framing in Highton

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Do you wish to protect and enhance some of your most treasured memories? Do you have artwork that you want framed by a professional? Maybe you have sports memorabilia, or other precious objects, that you would like to preserve and display?

If so, call Highton Frameworks today!

Expert picture framing services

Highton Frameworks was established in 1981 to provide expert picture framing services to customers across Highton. We believe that proper picture framing is an art form in itself. Not only do picture frames protect your photographs, artworks and objects from the ravages of time, sunlight and accidental damage, but a good, correctly dimensioned frame can also enhance the piece.

A great picture frame will create a border between the piece and the wall around it and it will draw attention to the memories held within. The team at Highton Frameworks are picture framing experts who know exactly how to frame your photos and works of art for incredible results.

Preserving your memories

Whether you have an expensive or cherished piece of art, a child's drawing, a certificate, or a family photograph, we understand that the memories captured within these pieces make them truly unique and priceless. At Highton Frameworks, we specialise in capturing and framing those memories to enhance and protect them for a lifetime.

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If it can be framed, we can frame it!

Our framing services

We offer a complete range of expert picture framing services including:

  • General picture framing
  • Replacement of damaged frames
  • Re-framing of valuable art and antiques
  • Novelty framing
  • Decorative framing
  • Framing of memorabilia
  • Custom framing
  • Cutting, matting and mounting
  • Block mounting
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